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Repairs, upgrades, network problems, software and hardware, PC and laptop

Is your computer running slow? Do you wait hours for web pages to load? Do you keep getting error messages or does it not start up at all? If you're having any PC or laptop problems then  call 07962 058553 for all your computer needs.

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No need to pack up and bring that bulky computer to a shop - We come to you - areas covered include:-
Whatever your computer repair needs, Streatham PC Services is here to help. Perhaps you have a broken old PC or laptop that you've never got round to repairing since you got your new computer. It may not be as expensive to repair as you think. Let Streatham PC Services get it up and running again to use as a back-up or an extra computer for the kids!

Streatham PC Services also provide advice, training and support as well as computer repairs. Nothing can be as infuriating as a PC or laptop not doing what you want it to do, especially in business. Call Streatham PC Services on 07962 058553 - it could speed up your business no end and increase your profits!

We cover  much of South West London, including Balham, Brixton, Brirxton Hill, Clapham, Clapham Park, Clapham Common, Norbury, Norwood, Streatham, Streatham Common, Streatham Hill, Streatham Vale, Tooting, Tooting Common,  Tooting Bec,  West Norwood, Upper Norwood.

Customer Reviews

"I cannot praise the service I received from Streatham PC Services highly enough. Not only was John a technical genius, he quickly repaired long running problems on both of my computers for a cost far cheaper than Dell and other estimates from computer repair shops in the area. After years of suffering from slow almost unworkable computers with internet contection problems, to the delight of my family, we now have two computers both of which work like a dream. Thanks Streatham PC Services, not only were your repair costs really competitive, but you saved me hundreds of pounds as I was ready to throw in the towel and buy a couple of new computers. I don't need to now." Jennifer, Streatham Hill

"John solved 2 major problems: transferring al our data from an old Windows 98 computer to our new Windows 7 system and connected a very old but good quality laser printer to our new system, both of which tasks we were advised couldn't be done, saving us a great deal of time and expense. He also set up our new system, including broadband access to the internet and advised us on various Microsoft Word issues. We can recommend John without any hesitation."  Pat and Brian, Streatham

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